Sunday, June 28, 2009

My First Blog

I had to have a blog page in order to enter for this Samsung Imagi.Nation contest. So here am I doing something that I haven’t ever done before. The prizes offered are very tempting indeed, a Webcam and a Notebook, just what I need very desperately, so like they say no try no gain. But at my age (I’m as young as Tina Turner though I can’t sing at all.) will I be able to compete with the young university graduates and the professional people? I was cracking my head on what I was going to blog about and I thought to myself since Samsung is a Korean company and I’m a lover of all things Korean why not do something Korean. I’m always dreaming of going to Korea anyway and that’s how the Korean Dreamer came to be born. Not that I’m an expert on the subject but I’ll try anyway because there are lots of things one can talk about especially about the things that one loves.

Actually my first brush with things Korean came about some 40 years back. At that time my nephew who was a flight engineer with an airline used to be put on the Korean route very often. And every time he came back he would buy us nice clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories. They were not imitation goods but the workmanship and quality of the goods was very good. And the prices at that time were considered cheap as Korea was not so well known then. Not today though, since the Korean film industry has helped in boosting the tourist industry in Korea. Ever since the Winter Sonata drama was shown on TV more and more tourists are coming to Korea to visit the location sites of the drama especially the Japanese.

What are the things Korean that I like? Korean dramas, Korean Actors and Actresses like Bae Yong Joon, Lee Byung-hun, Kim Rae Won, Lee Dong Gun, Ryu Jin, Son Ye-jin, Chae Rim, Lee Young-ae, Choi Ji-woo, Song Hye Kyo and Jang Na-Ra, Korean food like Kimchi and Bulgogi. Of course I must not forget to mention about the people, their customs, the national costume and the beautiful country that Korea is. I shall talk about all this in my next post so do not forget to stop by, ok