Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why the Silence?

You must be wondering what happened to me as I haven’t posted anything new since April 8 (almost 3 month now.) I had actually thought of giving up blogging. You see I was so pissed off because I fell for a scam and I was cheated of some money.

So today, I want to tell you all about it so that you won’t go through the same experience I had. I wonder if you have come across or heard about “Windows Recovery” which is a fake disk defragmenter that displays fake error messages and pop-ups to make you think that your computer has some serious hard drive problems. The rogue program prompts to pay for a full version of the program to fix the errors. If you choose to purchase this bogus program, you will lose your money and give your credit card details to the scammers who created this malware. I wish I had known about this before I purchased it.

You see, one morning I woke up to find that I could not startup my computer, no matter what I tried to do. There were error messages displayed on my computer screen which could not be removed and I was advised to buy the “Windows Recovery” program in order to fix my problem. I had no idea it was a scam as it looked like a genuine windows program. My new post on my blog was due and I wanted a quick solution to the problem I was having, so I like a fool, fell for it and purchased it.

Windows Recovery

After that this message was what appeared on my computer screen. So I was quite happy about it. How was I to know that it will be short-lived.

I only realized my mistake a few days later when I could not locate this “Windows Recovery” program that I had purchased on my PC. It had just disappeared. The customer care website that they provided turned out to be non existent.Then only did it occur to me, to do a search on “Windows Recovery” where  I discovered too late that I had been conned.

From what I found out, it seems that “Windows Recovery” enters the system via Trojans, infected websites and fake online scanners. The program runs system scanner and later on reports critical errors detected on your system. It warns you that some of your private data might be lost because of the lack of free space, RAM memory usage, etc. The truth is that it is fake information and Windows Recovery only wants you to believe your system is infected. Windows Recovery will offer you purchasing a full version of its program with a promise that this will fix everything. However, its real intention is to receive your money, but in return you won’t get anything. So my friends, if you do come across this program, please remember, this is a scam to cheat you and you’ll only part with your money if you believe in what they say. do not fall for it but immediately do a search on “Windows Recovery” where you can get instructions on how to remove this program. Quickly remove it and you’ll be safe.

Now that I have got this off my chest, I think I’m ready to start blogging again. So for today, I’ll just stop here and hope to post something new in the next few days. Thank you for stopping by, see you again soon!